Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's A...


We held our "It's a...Party" Friday night to make our reveal to the family over dinner! The invitation announced the "Question Mark" theme for the event with a fruitful mix of bold and pastel colors (including blues AND pinks, of course!).

I was so glad I was feeling better this week...had some weird-feeling night (& some day), but it was just the little one moving around! Much better now and glad I was able to go through with everything~ God is good.

Welcome to the "It's A...Party"....

Excitement in the air. My friend Erin texted me earlier today and said her excitement was at an 11. Yes! She gets me.

The Blue Man Group
This was my little helper that made all of this possible! I owe a BIG thanks to Josh's mom, Jane and my sis, Kayla (Aunt Kayla). Whoa! What a whirlwind ... but we got it all done in time!

Veggie appetizer: Carrot, Celery and Pepper Medley tied with String Cheese

Lemonade with floating strawberries:

Josh surprised me with these from Party City when he came home from work ;)

We had to tell everyone first thing...I mean, how COULD I wait any longer. But first, I had the guests sign their names in pink or blue on a scrapbook page. Then we took a pic. Although the theme was question marks, Josh said it turned out to be a Smurf party! Lol. Practically everyone voted BLUE!

Jane is showing off her blue AND pink bling! She couldn't decide for sure ; 0
BTW...we sure missed the family who was not able to come!

We played a game to give our news....We had "baby songs" playing on the iPod--- The Supremes "Baby Love," Steve Tyrell's Disney version of "Baby Mine," George Strait's "Baby Your Baby," and Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby"....just to name a few!

We passed around this box filled with little white boxes.

Everyone sat in a circle and passed around the big box while the music played. The person holding the box when the music paused had the chance to open a box. Each box was filled with gender neutral-colored items...except one! The family was told ahead of time there would be one box containing something either pink or blue...and that is how they would know! I wasn't sure if this would be a very quick game or not...but we gave it a try...

And after about 5 rounds...Josh's mom opened this box.

And she began to tear up. My mom sat beside her smiling, eyebrows raised, but quiet! She waited---somewhat in shock I think until I said..."It's a Girl!" (A, L and were right!)

So, this summer we will have a 4th generation "Jo" girl.

~Welcome Paisley Jo~


taeandashleypark said...

Love it!! Can't wait for you to be a girl mama!!

Thompsons4 said...

I just love her already :)